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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Cloud Adoption With LAE Intel Consulting services

Our Services

DevOps services

At LAE Intel Consulting's we offer DevOps managed services that enable you to synchronize your development and operational capabilities, resulting in a faster product lifecycle. With a focus on continuous integration and delivery, we help you automate processes, enhance application security, upgrade your architecture, and much more. Our expert team can guide you through the complexities of DevOps to help you achieve your business goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

  • DevOps automation services- Work smarter with automated workflows and processes to reduce errors, minimize cost, and free up human cognition for business-critical tasks.

  • DevOps implementation services- Get actionable and efficient workflows built using DevOps approaches to bring the best out of your existing infrastructure and resources.

  • Azure DevOps services- Our cloud DevOps services help you make the most of the excellent Azure ecosystem and use their services and tools to ace cloud infrastructure management for your business.

CI/CD services

At LAE Intel Consulting we Keep up with evolving market trends and user requirements with DevOps practices that help you deploy and manage CI/CD pipelines. Roll out innovative solutions at a much greater speed while resolving issues at a higher cadence with our expert CI/CD services.

  • CI/CD implementation services- Reap the benefits of continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines with robust implementations enabling business growth.

  • CI/CD consulting services- Know how your business can set up automated integration and delivery pipelines while reducing time to marketing and cutting costs at the same time.

  • CI/CD pipeline auditing- Reach maximum efficiency with expert auditing of your CI/CD delivery pipelines and know which tools and platforms will help your cause.

Cloud infrastructure management

LAE Intel Consulting helps you get your cloud infrastructure ready to support a fast-paced delivery model powered by DevOps through our management services, Our team assists you in managing resources efficiently, scaling seamlessly, and keeping downtimes at bay, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure is optimized for success.

  • Virtual server management and maintenance- We manage your virtual servers to deliver superior performance and function smoothly despite traffic fluctuations.

  • Cloud infrastructure design and consulting- We consult you on everything to lay the foundation for a robust infrastructure, from cloud infrastructure design to virtualization design.

  • Enterprise modernization- Say goodbye to legacy setups and embrace the cloud infrastructure to let your apps perform at their optimum best.

Cloud development services

At LAE Intel Consulting, our mission is to help you maximize your business value by adopting end-to-end cloud solutions. We specialize in leveraging scalable computing resources to help you migrate resource-intensive processes to the cloud, which in turn brings better business agility and helps you achieve the flexibility you need to succeed. With our expert guidance, you can reap the benefits of the cloud and gain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced business environment.

  • Cloud-native app development- LAE Intel Consulting expertise in terms of architecture patterns and best practices help you make the best use of cloud-native technologies to create, deploy, adopt and upgrade cloud-native applications.

  • Serverless- Use our serverless application development and consulting services and forget about the backend provisioning or maintenance and focus solely on delivering an exceptional user experience to your customers.

  • Cloud architecture design and review- Implement the latest cloud capabilities, and minimize system downtime with proven cloud architecture design services and tested strategies.

Cloud Migration Consulting

LAE Intel Consulting provides comprehensive cloud migration services that start with assessing your organization's current infrastructure. We then equip you with the necessary tools and approaches to transfer even your most intricate and mission-critical application to your preferred cloud infrastructure and design. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud, so you can focus on your business while we take care of the technical details.

  • Infrastructure Migration- LAE Intel Consulting's cloud experts access your current infrastructure to provide a detailed analysis. we then create a strategic migration plan, leveraging the best tools and practices to ensure seamless migration while meeting your future requirements.

  • Platform Migration- Whether you want to reduce the operational costs or gain higher development efficiency, LAE Intel Consulting offers secure and risk-free cloud migration consulting services to hep you achieve cost reduction and increased development efficiency while seamlessly migrating to your preferred cloud platform.

  • Application Migration- LAE Intel Consulting can assist you in migrating your legacy applications to the cloud. Our team can help you refactor your existing applications and ensure they are ready for the cloud, making the migration process smoother and ensuring a solid execution.

Containerization services

LAE Intel DevOps cloud services provide you with expert containerization and orchestration service to roll out applications faster across platforms. By leveraging our expertise, you can improve performance, streamline software delivery, and reduce security risks, all while achieving faster time-to-market. Our goal is to help your business realize the full potential of the cloud and drive your success forward.

  • Containerization strategy and consulting services- Get expert Kubernetes and Docker consultation to devise the perfect cloud strategy, in line with DevOps principles, for your business.

  • Container orchestration- Free up your team from the manual and mundane tasks with automated container orchestration taking care of scaling, networking, and load balancing.

  • Containerization experts for hire- Get seasoned containerization experts to help deliver scalable and secure web apps across public and private cloud services for your business.

Infrastructure as code

LAE Intel Consulting's infrastructure as Code service enable businesses to manage their IT infrastructure more efficiently with automated provisioning and streamlined processes.

  • Tech stack consulting- Get consulted on the right tools and perfect technologies to complement your modern infrastructure and stay ahead of the evolving landscape.

  • Infrastructure as code implementation services- We help you with end-to-end delivery, configuration, provisioning, and deployment to achieve the ideal infrastructural state.

  • Infrastructure optimization- Prime your IT infrastructure to perform at its optimum best with our expert infrastructure optimization services.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

As modern business requirements continue to evolve, legacy tech is no longer sufficient. At LAE Intel Consulting, we help you leverage cloud-native technologies to build auto-scaling infrastructures, create delightful customer experiences, and design cutting-edge digital solutions. Our approach is to empower your business with the latest cutting edge tools and technologies, so you can stay ahead of the competition and deliver the results your customers demand.

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